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Timber Ridge Game Birds, Inc.

Pictured, Steve Bekeleski
 Owner and Operator

Photo by
World Wide Photo


Hand Selected Breeder Stock to Enhance Tail Length and Select Colors
High Quality Ringneck Pheasants
High Quality Ornamental Pheasants
Large Fly Pens
Select Breeding Of A Large Variety Of Pheasants Make Our Birds Unique



Photos by Melissa Downs


NPIP Tested Flock

We are but an e-mail or phone call away.

Business Phone
We look forward to hearing from you.


From the owner, Mr. Steve Bekeleski:
I have a passion and true love for raising Ringneck Pheasants, Ornamental Pheasants and other game birds. I am a long time hunter & know the desire to have strong healthy birds that fly.
My business is a family owned & operated business. I am going into my sixth year raising game birds. I have two main goals with my game farm. First I want to raise the highest possible quality pheasants and other game birds. Second I want every individual hunter, hunt club and taxidermist to know that when they buy my birds, they're getting top quality every time.
I hand pick all my breeder stock & only select the best of the best to produce high quality eggs, chicks, and adult pheasants & other game birds.
I hope to hear from you soon by e-mail or phone. If you're looking for top quality flight birds, Timber Ridge Game Birds, Inc., has what you're looking for.  

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